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Tuesday , January 21 2020
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Soul clinic international school thrills students with exotic excursion.

Soul clinic international school has become very synonyms with excellent methods of education over the past 50 years. The school, which is one of the first international school to open it’s doors, after Ghana became self dependent.
Still celebrating #50yearsOfSoulClinic and blazing the trail in domestic tourism, the school gave it’s students an educational thrill, that is worth emulating by others.
Beginning the road trip to the Volta region, at 6am, students of the school, drawn from various senior classes sparkled with excitement and anticipation of the mysteries ahead.
After many miles and sights, the tour bus came to a halt at the monkey sanctuary and conservatory, where the kids came face to face with the residents of the forest and learnt about the history of the area.
The staff strength of the school was highlighted at this point, as children who were previously afraid, had monkeys on their shoulders after the headmaster took the lead.
The next stop for the children was Africa’s highest mountain, Afadjato. At this point, many of the children were encouraged to build their strength up the mountain.  The teachers showed a great commitment to service, as every child in need of assistance, was assisted up and down the mountain.  Even at the expense of time.

With Afadjato conquered, the excited students were back on the tour bus and heading to rest. For many soul clinic students, it was their first nights away from their families. However, they were comforted with dinner fit to be served before royalty and sent off to bed.
The seamless organization of this trip was announced when the first cock crowed and breakfast was presented to the children ahead of more thrill.
Then led by the teachers, the children hiked into Togo, through the Ghana Togo border, where they learnt many things on immigration. The next stop was to interview residents of the community on various issues bordering on tourism. Excellent teacher-student cooperation was seen here, as the headmaster quickly became the interpreter between the multi-national student and the predominantly ewe constituents.
To climax the fun, the children set of on a different hike. Crossing 9 bridges on their way to the Wli waterfalls.
The students and teachers, walked hand-in-hand on this thrill, with everyone’s safety assured. On arrival at the waterfall, the glee and excitement could not be hidden. It was obvious that the objective to educate and thrill has been achieved.

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