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Wednesday , November 13 2019
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Praye; All 3 Men. Back with 3 missiles.

with the evolution of the Ghanaian music industry,  there seems to be a reoccurring trend of music groups coming and going.
Praye made a major comeback in 2015. Playing major stadiums and auditoriums around the country. This comeback however only featured two of the trio. Regardless of the mammoth hype and the warm embrace of the fans, this wasn’t a complete offer.
This year, the group has made another comeback. Maybe the group and it’s team had lost the nostalgia that drove the hype in 2015, however the fans and fellow industry folks gave a warmer welcome, to the now complete trio.
The group quickly responded to the love, with a triple release. Three songs,  that featured a three members of the vintage group. This was definitely a good offer.
Speaking to a member of the team, he explained that the triple release was decided with all demographics of fans, in mind.  “This is a Praye that the fans haven’t seen in a while.  So, we decided to offer individual gifts to all our fans”
With “Disco Light”, the group makes an offering to their female fans, continuing the culture of harmonizing different female names. The different members of the group shine on this track,  as Choirmaster led the chorus.
Cartel Big J,  leds Gbang Gabi, as the group reaches out to their day one fans. The song incorporates highlife elements to create the usual Praye vibe,  as Kente reminds us, why he is one of Ghana’s best rappers to feature in a group.
Adesoa is a club hit. The combination of borger highlife, featuring the sound that is colloquially referred to as, “Asorpkor”, makes the group appear evidently mature. The group puts fun into heavy percussions, as Kente leads the chorus. The song typifies Praye’s versatility and proves that every member has a place in the creative process.
The group and their team have serve a three course buffet of melody. Have you served yourself?

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