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Thursday , July 19 2018
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I have moved on – Becca speaks on career and life

Songstress Becca, born Rebecca Acheampong, needs no introduction. She is not only an award-winning singer, but also a talented actress and songwriter.

She became very popular in 2007 when she released her debut album, Sugar.

Becca, in this exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo, talked about her latest song, Steady featuring Ice Prince, old and new management as well as her upcoming album.

She also touched on the most bizarre controversy in her career and how it was a difficult decision to take up a new management.

How would you describe your collaboration with Ice Prince in three or four words?

Diversified and contemporary blend of originality.

How did you get to feature him on the song?

Well, Ice is a friend and we had always spoken about doing music together so this, I guess, was the right one.

Why him?

He’s a poet, a rapper and really talented writer. He just stood tall when it came to the selection process. He fitted in perfectly.

Any interesting memories while working with him and the team on the song and the video?

Yes!!! He likes no delays. He will not sweat; he hates to sweat and I would laugh at him so hard he would start laughing too. He was so focused though. Nana Asihene is an amazing director and he made this shoot effortless. That whole club feel was so much hard work. It took ages to fix those lights and get them right. I remember after two (2) hours of being on set, I would ask, ‘Are we ready?’ And he would say, ‘It’s got to be right.’ It was also a lot of fun having many celebrities in the video and getting to know them better.

Guys are always guys, lol. Did Ice try anything funny, like the ladies will put it?

No! He was very very disciplined; plus, he came with his woman.

Any specific target with the new song?

Newer, fresher market; south, east, west and all over the world. I believe it’s music everyone can enjoy.

Any message you want to send with the song? What inspired the song?

Yes. I always send a message, one way or the other. Music, they say, is a universal language and I also add to that notion that it’s a healing tool. It mends broken hearts and uplifts downhearted people. This is a feel-good song, a blend of contemporary sound and African rhythm. The message is one day at a time. Let your heart beat steady.

How is the acceptance so far?

So far so good; God has been gracious and merciful.

Are you promoting it in Nigeria as well?

That’s the next target. So far it’s playing on Nigerian radios and TVs. It’s only three weeks old so we’re still in the process. A lot of work must be done.

Heard you are done with your old management; can you introduce us to the new management?

Kolophonic is the new Pan-African record label affiliated with universal records, established by international music A&R veteran Yoel Kenan… Kolophonic is part of the Africori Music Group, a Pan-African music company providing services (such as digital distribution and publishing) to African artists, labels and producers.

Was it a difficult decision to take up a new management?

Yes, it was. My old management was and is still amazing. Was like a child leaving home for the first time to a boarding school. But life must go on. I’m also quite excited and pleased to try new things and be more adventurous as a singer.

How are you coping now?

I’m doing very well. God has been good to me.

What other projects are you working on at the moment?

Working on my album right now and I’m having a good time doing it.

You performed at GUBA awards… Anything remarkable you want to share with us on that platform?

It was an honour performing for prestigious people who have made an impact in many lives. Being on stage is my hobby and my job. Lol!! My hobby is my job and it’s fun. GUBA was so much fun.

You have been involved in quite a number of controversies lol. Which one has been the most bizarre one to you and why? Well I don’t think they are controversies; I think those are the things that come with being in the position I have put myself in. Lol! Being in a footballer’s locker in Brazil. That had no truth in it and was totally made up, unless I have a twin I don’t know about. Mum, dad, do I?

How do you handle some of these controversies?

They all make me strong. I’m a public figure; I can’t run away from them. Don’t get me wrong; I’m human too and it’s disheartening to know people just want to make money off you by writing just anything about you and not thinking that just maybe I might mess up the career this young girl has built. It’s sad. But I thank God for the strength He gives me every day to move on in life; and because of that I am never deterred. I just take myself a living example and focus on my fans who truly love me and want the best for me. I do not and would not want to disappoint them; but, most of all, I do not want to disappoint myself.

What’s your take on social media with regard to what you do?

As much as it has its down sides, I believe it’s great as it gives a better reach and closer feeling towards your fans.

People are talking about Ghana’s performance at the MAMAs. We didn’t win. Why? Should we be concerned?

Well, there is time for everything. God’s time is best. We clearly must work harder; and we will. Best times are yet to come for Ghana.

Thanks for the time.

Thank you too.


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